Shadow Club (4 Literature Class)

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Name: Mellanie Light
Age: 17 YY
Ability: She uses swords in a fight and has a sixth sense that enables her to feel a person’s aura, read people’s mind and detect dark spirits. Also she’s a light guardian.

Name: Taylor Black
Age: 17 WE
Ability: Among the other members his combats skills are the highest but his specialty is close combat. He knows a lot about Dark magic since he’s the Dark guardian.

Name: Sarah Parker
Age: 18 YO
Ability: She doesn’t use any weapon in a fight because her own emotions are her weapon and she has the power of wind.

Name: Daniel Ice
Age: 18 YO
Ability: He can use any weapon but his favorite is the bow. He can also combine his ice power with his bow.

Name: Ash Parker
Age: 18 YO (Sarah’s twins)
Ability: Give him any gun and he can shoot anything, he’s the sharp shooter of the group and he can also combine his lightning power with his gun.

Chapter 1:

“Have fun at school.” Said my mom as I got out of the car. Today I’ll be enrolling in a new school as I just moved here two days ago.

As I entered I could feel the peoples staring at me. Strange, I know…but I have always been able t tell if I’m being watch or not. Plus if I’m not focused I could even hear people’s thought, and sometimes if someone uses dark magic or have a really evil intention I could also tell.

My parent doesn’t know about any of this, and I don’t think that I should tell them about any of this. One of the reasons is I’m afraid about what they’ll do to me. Who would want a child who’s a freak, especially if you don’t even gave birth to it.

Yes, that’s true. My parents aren’t really my parents; someone left me in front of their doorstep when I was just a year old. They put up posters and everything to find my real parents, but no one ever came…so they then adopted me as their own daughter.

But they kept my true name; they didn’t change the name I came with. So instead of being call Mellanie Evans or something else, my parents still registers me as Mellanie Light. They say it’s only right that I have some trace of my real parents in case they look for me.

But no matter how nice they are, they won’t be able to handle my secret. So it’s best if I just stay shut.

Chapter 2:

Knock! Knock!

“Hello.” I called out as I entered the office.
“Well what can I do for you dear?” Said the office lady. “I’m the new student, so I would like to know my classes and locker.” “Just a minute dear…I’ll go get your papers.” She smiled at me.

After a few minutes she came back with a file on her hand.
“Here it is.” She said giving me two pieces of papers that she took out from the file. “Thank you.”
“Now I just need you to fill in these, so I can put it in your file.” Among all the office lady I meet…she’s probably the nicest one ever.

I fill in the form as she guides me. After I’m finished I handed it back to her so she can have a look at it. “Mellanie Light. What a nice name you have.” She said.
“Thank you.” I said with a smile.

Just then the door opens revealing a handsome yet scary boy.

“Hello Griselda.” The boy said.
“Well hello.” She said as she puts my paper down.
“I need you to give this to him…the usual procedures.” He said handing her a file. “Could you please wait a while dear?” She asked me.
“Sure, no problem.” I said with a smile.

Who is boy? He’s handsome plus cute, but something’s not right. I know that he took a glance at my papers cause...
“Mellanie Light.” He said.
“Yes.” It’s only polite to answer.
“Nothing…it’s just a nice name.” he said and look away. What’s his problem!

“He said thank you…and that you may go.” Said the office lady that just returned. “You may go as well Mellanie.” She continued.

As I was packing my bags I could see that the boy is whispering something to Griselda a.k.a the office lady.

Just then I felt this intense dark aura. I look around to see the boy going out of the office and… that the dark aura is from him.

He looked at me...
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