Shades of Grey Summary Pages 285-388

Topics: Meaning of life, American film actors, English-language films Pages: 4 (1596 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Pgs. 285 - 388
Shades of Grey

At the beginning of section four, Eddie travels to the Grey Zone with Jane. Once there, Jane introduces Eddie to Clifton, her brother who has been sleeping with Violet. Jane and Eddie haven’t been in the Grey Zone for long when the Yellow prefects, Sally Gamboge, Bunty McMustard, Penelope and Courtland show up unexpectedly. The yellows claim to have business in the Grey Zone, helping Eddie carry out his chair census as he will be leaving for High Saffron the following day and no one can be certain that he will return to ever finish it. While searching one of the houses, Jane signals Eddie to go up to the attic so he immediately volunteers to search the top floor before one of the prefects have a chance to go up there first. In the attic, Eddie discovers one of the supernumeraries, an old woman who is not only blind, but also is without the Mildew! Eddie finds this utterly amazing and mysterious. Jane tells Eddie that he needs to convince the prefects to withdraw their efforts from the census because if they keep barging in to each and every residence in the Grey Zone, Jane feels that they are bound to discover at least one of the sixteen “unlicensed supernumeraries” being hidden in the Grey Zone. The prefects, while searching the houses, are willing to round up every merit possible for anything that seems to be against the rules however the discovery of a single supernumerary carries the penalty of twenty thousand demerits for each person who could have possibly known about it. For this reason, Jane feels strongly that if the prefects were to find a supernumerary and dish out demerits accordingly, they would never leave the Grey Zone alive. Eddie and the prefects get into an argument about calling off the census. In the middle of the argument, mail is delivered to Penelope. She has received the spoon with the post code of Travis’ that Eddie had mailed to Travis’ family. He realizes that they had ordered that post...
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