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Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. Henry Ford

It leaves an impact when an individual would sacrifice himself for the people he loved and cared about, even though suicide generally indicates you are a ‘coward’. I agree Crispin is the true hero in shades. My essay is not to criticize Victor and exalt Crispin but to merely give the reader an understanding of the differences between these two characters, which indicates that Crispin Farborough is more of a hero rather than Victor Drake.

There was the gentle Crispin, young man filled with high spirits. He enticed eels or mimicked the calls of the neddickies and bulbuls. A spirit with a zest for life, even his hair reflected his nature. Crispin, in his coffin, seemed like the shadow of the vibrant person he had been, a shadow of the schoolboy laugh with great exultation.

On the other hand much, much different from Crispin is Victor. Victor had been in the army and he had wonderful features, a tall, proud and very good-looking young man, regarded as a strong leader born to be successful and to decide the destinies of others. He was confident and very conscious of himself. Crispin had admired him while growing up.

In the novel we are exposed to numerous characters, each exhibiting different personalities and coming from different backgrounds. Benedict Matiwane was brought up at the mission house; he had been one of the Xhosa youths. He felt isolated and a sense of disposition but through that Crispin was the only one who understood him and his position. Crispin showed no sign of racism towards him but Victor didn’t hold it back.

Victor wanted people to fear him and for him to be treated as a hero. Whist they were children, playing ‘war games’, he told Benedict to call him master and had given him the role as Riverine permiant, who was the fool of the town. We have observed countless examples of the arrogance and self-centredness, the...
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