SG Cowen: New Recruits

Topics: Problem solving, Candidate, Investment banking Pages: 4 (1305 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Selecting the Candidate for Extending a Job Offer at SG Cowen The recruiting committee of SG Cowen is facing an important decision in regards to selecting two persons from the pool of four remaining candidates after all definite “Yes” and “No” have been identified. Being the member of the Super Saturday hiring group from the company I would have to make a decision that would have a dual effect: * Being an associate of the company I am vested in its success which depends in a great degree on the quality of the employees working for the firm, including the quality of the new hires.  * Potential  mistake in identifying the right candidate who makes both functional and cultural fit for the company, especially giving approval to the candidate who turns a wrong fit later, might  bear some negative impact on my credibility and reputation among the colleagues and supervisors.   

Based on the two premises outlined above, I believe that the most suitable of the four is the first candidate, Natalya Godlewska. Not only does she have very strong academic credentials both from her MBA and undergraduate studies, but she also has excellent references from her previous employee. Among other positive characteristics of this candidate are her determination, ambition, and readiness to work hard. She also made an impression of a go-getter with a “can-do attitude” who radiated positive energy.  The reservations of the two members of the recruiting committee about her stiffness, being uncomfortable during small talk, and her “less-than-perfect” English that would possibly affect her ability to work smoothly with the managers don’t really have much merit in my opinion. I believe she has proved her social skills in the work place by the fact that she had earned high marks from her previous supervisor. Also a comment about her English seems to be superficial. After all, she was able to master the graduate level courses at one of the top MBA programs in the USA, which require...
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