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  • June 1, 2006
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Hi PGites

My journey for cracking the MBA entrance scenario began six months back, when I started preparing for CAT ... I would regularly visit this site and compare my Sim-CAT scores with others to follow my progress ... But things did'nt go off too well for me on D-day ... My splits were - Quant - 77 percentile

DI - 92 percentile
Verbal - 99 percentile

Could'nt make it through any of the IIMs, so decided to try my luck at GMAT ... Decided to take a month to prepare for it and give it my best shot ...

Just gave GMAT yesterday ... And man! Am I relieved it's all over! ... The worst part about preparing for GMAT was that, unlike CAT, I would know what my score is within minutes of giving the test ... And the result of my hard work will either pay off or go down the drain ... And in the end, it did pay off! ... I got a 760, and the world has just turned a shade of rosy pink! ...

I wanted to share my experience with PG ... Hopefully it might benefit a few others who are looking to break into the 700s ...

What I studied

The Official Guide -
Absolutely essential ... Especially for Verbal ... I did only the last 100 questions or so for Quant ... But solve each and every question in Verbal ... And don't simply solve the questions ... Understand why or why not ...

Kaplan CD -
Tests are OK, though low scoring ... Lessons are good for review ... Good to practise Quant from here, as the questions are above the OG level ... If you're aiming for above 700, get very comfortable with toughies ... RC's are very bad! ... The lengthy psycho-abstract mumbo-jumbo they give is nowhere near the standard of the actual GMAT ... They'll throw you off ...

Princeton -
Verbal is good ... especially SC ... The rules are very clearly laid out ... Too few problems to practice in their Bins, though ... Quant isn't that good ... AWA explanation was also the best among all the material I referred to ...

Did'nt observe anything extraordinary here ......
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