Topics: Celebrity, People, Lil Wayne Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Bria Cato
English 131
October 12, 2012
Mrs. Thomas
The Downfalls of the Limelight
Any parent will confess to plopping their child down in front of the television to keep them busy, but do they have any idea of what they're really exposing them to? With so many well-known and famous people out there, it’s hard not to be constantly brought up to speed on their every move. This generation is too focused on why Kristen cheated on Rob or what's going down at the Jersey Shore as opposed to real issues such as the upcoming presidential election. The general public has grown dependent and follows their every move through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Celebrities epitomize the word pop culture and their actions, whether uncommon or habitual, play a major role in the way that people treat others and carry on their day to day lives. Celebrities are marketed through magazines and television, but along with their public image, they also carry a specific body image. Society has been brainwashed by Hollywood into thinking that the only way to spell beauty is with a ribcage and a defined collar bone. The body image that is being shoved down our throats by those in the limelight is something coveted by the impressionable youth of this day. Children in high school go on to develop eating disorders and more and more teenagers are turning to fad diets to fix what they feel is the problem. The masses have been coerced into setting a standard that rises far beyond the level of obtainment. The raging war on what is and what isn't beautiful has caused society, as a whole, to become more and more critical. Jennifer Livingston, a Wisconsin news anchor, recently responded on-air after being pointed out by a viewer for her weight and called an “[un] suitable example for this community’s young people”. What exactly is a suitable example for the

community’s young people? She made no apologies for her figure and acknowledged the situation in the hopes that others...
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