Sexualization of Young Girls

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  • Published : March 13, 2011
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I am here today to talk to you about the very controversial issue of sexualization of children and to ask- are we, as a global society dealing with this issue appropriately? Sexualization can be defined as 'when a person’s value comes only from his or her sexual appeal or behaviour, to the exclusion of other characteristics' or in simpler terms ' when a person is portrayed purely as a sex object. This shockingly, is what is happening in this day and age, and even more shockingly, to your younger sisters, cousins, relatives or even friends. It’s called the sexualization of children. Many Australians have already voiced their concern that children’s freedom to develop at their own pace and in their own ways is under threat from heavily sexualised advertising and marketing, and the influence of parents. But are we going to the right measures to stop this? No, we are not. This social phenomenon blurs the line between adult and child, making it obvious to all to opose this trend. However, it is not being dealt with correctly on not just one, but many levels within society. We are all responsible in some way.

As everyone would know, the first level of responsibility of a child lies with family, but mainly parents. It is a parent’s job in life to lead and encourage critical opinions when exposed to the commercialization of sex. So why are they not doing this? Consciously or not, each parent promotes values to their children both good and unfortunately sometimes bad. There is a strong feeling thought by a minority of parents that during childhood, and certainly during the pre-teen years, children should be free to develop at their own pace, in their own ways. Yes, it's true that children should be able to learn and mature from doing things on their own and learning from mistakes, but since when has letting a child matture on their own included dressing them in clothes for years above they're age? These 'parents' believe we are 'infantilizing' our younger generations....
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