Sexuality Position Paper

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Sexuality Position Paper

“If someone would have explained the consequences, I would have made a different choice, but… nobody told me!!”

Sex has a price tag. It’s true; it really does have a great price tag to it. In the video talk that Pam talked to a whole bunch of students about the consequences of having sex before marriage and how much of an effect it can have on you and your partner. Sex is something special and has many consequences to it. Now we can all say that someone did tell us and warn us. We can’t use that excuse that “nobody told me” any more. My overall opinion about this talk is a positive one. I think that after watching this video I have a better understanding of the risks and consequences of having sex before marriage. I understand there are more serious consequences than just getting pregnant from having sex. There are more serious things like catching and STD. I think that everyone should wait until marriage before they have sex. The risks and consequences of having sex are way too serious and not worth taking the chance for. Sex before marriage is not fun and games all the time. It’s a serious matter that can have serious consequences. It’s something special and sacred that should be shared between shared between two committed people that are in love and not just between a boyfriend and girlfriend who have only been together for a short period of time. I learned that sex is something very special and can have serious consequences other than just getting pregnant. This video has changed how I view sexuality. It has showed me how special and serious something like this is. It is worth waiting for and worth sharing it with that one special person who you are committed to. I also learned that they are scarier things than getting pregnant that many people including myself are not ready to deal with. Catching an STD is worse than getting pregnant and can cause serious and permanent damages epically for females. No one is ready for all...