Sexuality in America

Topics: Religion, Sexual intercourse, Human Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: June 8, 2011
Samuel Piedad
English 092
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Sexuality in America

Sexuality is something that everyone experiences sometime in their life, because it’s a natural process. It’s what our bodies are made for. If this is the case, then why is sexuality more taboo than violence in mainstream American culture? I think this is because of religion, disease, and personal morals/ stereotypes.

If you live in America then most likely you have a certain belief/religion. Religion creates a filter inside an individual, which can create an opposing viewpoints and judgments on such that involve sexuality. There are differences in the way people express sexuality. For example a person who doesn’t have religious boundaries on sexuality can just be horny and have sex for no purpose but to pleasure themselves. While on the other hand a person who has religious beliefs may wait to do sexual things until there married because there’s more meaning to it and you get more out of it if you wait. Religion controls many aspects of life and can lead to many personal judgments.

There tends to be more diseases than there are people, people may stray away from sexuality because of this, and on the other hand, you cannot get a disease from violence. Being violent may cause injuries, although you are able to recover most of the time, and often violence is a choice. Being sexual is a choice as well, but its consequences can be much more life threatening and when being involved in sexual activity, you don’t intend to be a victim of a disease, it just happens. Engaging in sexual activity can also lead to emotional issues and you may feel connected to that person afterwards. But when you engage in violence it’s most likely because of hate and you can easily let those feelings go.

Guys in mainstream American culture have a certain stigma attached to them. In our culture guys have a reputation of only thinking with their hormones. Where as woman are the ones considered to have strong...
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