Sexuality at Different Life Stages

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  • Published : November 20, 2010
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Many issues surround human sexuality in today’s society. The range of sexual situations and orientations varies greatly. Issues arise throughout our lives that can have both positive and negative effects on our sexual behaviors. In this paper, I will discuss adolescent sexuality, mature adult sexuality, and the sexuality of physically disabled individuals. Adolescent Sexuality

Anna is in her adolescent stage. It is normal for her to experience anxiety about sexual issues. She will develop and grow as an individual during this stage and she will have to face sexual situations. Her current circumstances may cause her to feel an increase in her anxiety levels since she is placed between her parents and her boyfriend in this situation. This is an opportunity for her to learn more about herself and to deal with the sexual decision making process in a direct way before she decides whether she will have sex with her boyfriend. The first step in this decision process involves her looking at her own personal values to determine her value system. She can use her critical thinking skills in this situation to reach a clearer analysis of all the facts she has in hand. She can evaluate both her mother’s and her boyfriend’s motives in this light. She can also evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of engaging in sex with her boyfriend. To truly exercise critical thinking, Anna must put her own feelings out in the forefront to use them as a basis for her evaluation. Her boyfriend should support her no matter what choice she makes in this situation. She also has to take her mother’s perspective into account. Her mother is most likely to be concerned with sexually transmitted diseases and the possibility of unwanted pregnancy. She is also aware of the age and maturity difference between Anna and her boyfriend. The dilemmas that Anna faces in this situation are common for young adolescents. They face many decisions about sexuality. There are concerns about sexually transmitted...
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