Sexuality at Different Life Stages

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  • Published : August 23, 2010
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Sex is an essential behavior for our existence in the human race. An individual may begin to experience sexual behaviors even prior to birth. Throughout an individual’s life they will experience different stages of sexuality. This paper will address concerns, feelings, and changes that Anna, Tom and Susan, and Bill are experiencing during their specific life stage as well as some coaching ideas and recommendations to aid them through the roadblocks in his or her way so they each can continue to move through the life stages of sexuality. Adolescence Stage

Anna is an adolescent girl who has a boyfriend whom is three years older than her. Anna’s mother has expressed some concerns about the relationship because of the age difference and feels that her daughter may get taken advantage of from a more experienced, older male. Anna’s boyfriend is ready to incorporate sex into their relationship, but Anna is feeling confused and torn on her own feelings towards her boyfriend and the feelings her parents are expressing towards her boyfriend as well as the relationship. It is important for Anna in this stage of her life to take a step back and think about all the feelings she is experiencing. She needs to think about what her true feelings are for her boyfriend and the meaning of their relationship. When having sex for the first time, Anna should ask herself, “Are there reasons to have sex right now, what will having sex do or not do for my relationship, and should my values and beliefs influence whether or not I have sex now”? Today sex is very common before marriage (Rathus, Nevid & Fichner-Rathus, 2005), but there are still many people who practice abstinence until they find their partner in marriage.

There are many outside factors that influence adolescents to have sex. Friends and the media are the biggest influences, there are few times where a parent provides more influence than a girl’s or boy’s best friend. As a parent, we talk about and educate...
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