Sexuality and Value Systems

Topics: Morality, Culture, Sociology Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: October 23, 2011
Sexuality and Value Systems
Chanell L Peters
March 8, 2011
Lorry Bradley

Sexuality and Value Systems
Sexuality is one of those topics that everyone will have a different view. Depending on what values and beliefs shared, sex can range from casual and open to reserved and closed. Religion, culture, and personal beliefs all share a role in an individual’s sexual life. With all the value systems shared in our textbook, the following is the few I can relate with. Although each value shared in our textbook shares some of value that I can relate to the one I strongly connected to is Ethical Relativism. Ethical Relativism assumes that diverse values are fundamental to a human existence and rejects the idea that there is a single correct moral view. I share this believe because we are different, we act and react differently, we are raised differently, and along our journey of life we grow and learn different morals and values that may be of greater importance. So as I may believe that sex before marriage is completely acceptable, another may believe different. Culture may have a strong effect on someone when they are younger because it somewhat forced upon them but as they grow older and becomes aware of the different cultures, views, and beliefs, it can change one’s entire world. Another value that I connected with is Rationalism. Rationalism is explained as the use of reasoning to determine a course of action. One’s decision should be based on intellect and reasoning rather than emotions or strict obedience to any particular faith or religion. I believe that everything in life should be viewed with rationalism however; if one is not able to control their emotions rationalization may not be an easy thing to do. Also the knowledge that one obtains about the sexual world can play a huge role. For example, if a person was raised not knowing anything about sex and what can happen when he or she finally experience it for themselves it can be a...
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