Sexuality and the Chronically Ill Older Adult: a Social Justice Issue

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  • Published : March 26, 2011
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Journal Article Review # 3
‘Sexuality and the chronically III older adult: A social justice issue’ is an article published in Sexuality and Disability in 2000 issue, written by Verna C. Pangman and Marilyn Seguire provides an overview of how primary nurse health care providers who are committed to the delivery of holistic care have a responsibility to assess the elderly and the perceptions of their families regarding the sexuality of the older adults. It briefly discussed invisibility and visibility perspectives of chronically ill older adults as well as misconceptions about sexuality held by society and health professional. The article also provides nursing strategies in the area of education, practice, research, and policy development that can enhance the visibility of sexuality for the elderly who are chronically ill. Summary

Sexuality is a core dimension of life that incorporates notions, beliefs, facts, fantasies, rituals, attitudes, values, and rights with regard to gender identity and role, sexual acts and orientation, and aspects of pleasure, intimacy, and reproduction. Pangman and Seguire points out that sexuality is all that individuals have absorbed from their environment and refers to the totality of being, living harmoniously in relationships with self and others (2000, p.51). They cited Waxman (1996); “sexuality is an important component of health and of personality function throughout the life span.” Sexual satisfactions are important boosters of quality of life and a crucial concern for patients who live with chronic illness. In a life restricted by illness, sex can be a powerful source of comfort, pleasure and intimacy, and an affirmation of gender when other gender roles have been stripped away. For patients with chronic illness, a satisfying sex life is one way of feeling “normal’ when so much else about there lives has changed. The author cited The World Health Organization (1975) defined sexual health as “ the integration...
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