Sexualisation of Children in the Media

Topics: Sexualization, Sexual objectification, 1976 Summer Olympics Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Has anyone smelt the perfume, “Oh Lola” by Marc Jacobs? The scent has described as, Flirtatious, charming, and sparkling. It bursts open with a bright and whimsical effervescence and leaves you flirting with your senses. Maybe this is what the advertisers were thinking too when they really went to town to show just how flirtatious a perfume bottle could really be. ‘The print advertisement for “Oh, Lola!” presents a young Dakota Fanning an oversized perfume bottle placed between her legs. Immediately her pose and product placement screams hmm, I think I will leave this one to your own imagination. When I looked closer though, I noticed that there are aspects of the ad that suggest Fanning is young and naïve and don’t coincide with the sexual nature of what I was first presented with. The advertisement sparked discussion about whether it was ‘too sexy’ for Fanning. Personally, I would have been shocked at the intense sexual suggestion with any model, however it is particularly inappropriate as Fanning is made to look so young and so innocent. This is a powerful example of the escalating sexualisation of young women as a result of the media. In lay terms, the act or process of sexualising is making an individual, group or object appear sexual by nature. Sexual objectification is a key component of sexualisation, one that is predominantly used in the media. Sexual objectification is when a person, a human being is viewed as a thing, an object, an object of sexual desire and pleasure. The sexualisation of youth carries its own definition. In 2010 the UK psychologist Linda Papadopoulos noted in her Review of the Sexualisation of Young People that, “Sexualisation is the imposition of adult sexuality on to children and young people before they are capable of dealing with it mentally, emotionally and physically,” It is important to understand that sexualisation of youth occurs not only in the media. Though young people are not constantly being presented as sexy, the...
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