Sexual Techniques

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  • Published : April 24, 2011
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CheckPoint: Sexual Techniques
Answer the following questions.
What sexual techniques are discussed in the chapter readings? The first technique mentioned in the text is masturbation. Masturbation is stimulating your genitals by the aid of a hand or a toy. People masturbate for many reasons like relaxation or sexual gratification. Fantasy is another technique mentioned in our text. People may fantasize when they are alone or with their partner. People who masturbate may use a fantasy to increase their arousal while masturbating. Some couples like to share fantasies and act them out with their partner. Foreplay is the things you do with a partner before sex; this may be things like kissing or cuddling. The text recalls a survey of college students and found woman wanted a longer period of foreplay that women. Kissing is well known to our culture but unknown to other cultures. Simple kissing is when both partners have their mouth closed. Deep kissing is when mouths are open and the couple inserts their tongue into the other person’s mouth. Touching is a technique also mentioned. When we touch different parts of our partner’s body, this can be very arousing for our partner. Hand holding qualifies as touching and can be very stimulating because of all the nerve endings in your hand. During touching we may stimulate the genitals and breasts. Oral-genital stimulation is when a partner has the other partner’s genitals in their mouth. Fellatio is when a male is being stimulated orally, and cunnilingus is when a female is being stimulated orally. Sexual intercourse is when the penis is inserted into the vagina.

What are the roles and connections between kissing, touching, and foreplay? Kissing, touching, and foreplay are all a means of getting your partner aroused. All of these things prepare our body for intercourse and make use sexually aroused.

What are some of the different viewpoints and levels of acceptance regarding masturbation? Masturbation has definitely...
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