Sexual Techniques

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  • Published : January 11, 2013
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Sexual Techniques

What sexual techniques are discussed in the chapter readings? The first technique discussed is masturbation. This technique involves self-stimulation for the purpose of sexual pleasure without engaging in sexual intercourse. Fantasies are a sexual technique that was also talked about in this text. Sexual fantasies may be used by one partner or both partners. The reason couples may use fantasies is to increase arousal. Foreplay involves acts of cuddling, kissing and oral-genital stimulation. Kissing may be sexual foreplay or may be a form of expressing personal affection. Touching ranges from simple touching, such as holding hands to caressing another person’s erogenous areas. Touching can be just foreplay or just sexual intercourse. Oral-genital stimulation is called fellatio in male stimulation and cunnilingus in female stimulation. Typical and atypical sexual intercourse are also talked about in this text. The penetration of the penis into the vagina is typical intercourse. Intercourse can be accomplished in many different positions. •What are the roles and connections between kissing, touching, and foreplay? The roles and connections between kissing, touching and foreplay would be that when engaging in kissing and touching (two types of foreplay), it can lead to sexual intercourse. The kissing and touching can continue into the sexual intercourse. Kissing is considered “simple” when the mouth stays closed. When the mouth is open and there is use of tongue, this is what is called “deep kissing”. Touching your partners’ body or genitals is considered foreplay. Kissing, touching, and foreplay is all meant to lead to sexual arousal, and is intended to lead to sexual intercourse. •What are some of the different viewpoints and levels of acceptance regarding masturbation? Some of the different viewpoints and levels of acceptance regarding masturbation can be very controversial, depending on the culture you live in. In some cultures, sex was...
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