Sexual Techniques

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  • Published : May 16, 2012
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Sexual Techniques
Nicole Foley
Sanjay Paul

Sexual Techniques
Sexual techniques vary greatly from couple to couple depending on each couples preferences. However, communication is the most important sexual technique to all couples. The only way to adequately express one’s sexual fantasies and desires is through communication. This also lets our partners know what we find acceptable and what we do not like.

Foreplay is another important sexual technique. Foreplay is used to excite each partner into being aroused. It gives the man time to achieve an erection and women time to become properly lubricated. Foreplay can involve cuddling, kissing, petting, rubbing, oval sex, and many other things. Much like communication, foreplay differs among couples of all ages, cultures, and religions.

Kissing is widely known and accepted in our culture. However, there are still many other cultures who do not practice kissing, have a different style of kissing, or are completely unaware of what kissing is. In America, kissing is used to express love. It is not always sexual or used to arouse your partner. We kiss our children goodnight, kiss our partners hello or goodbye, or kiss a relative we have missed. Kissing can be erotic and used during sexual relations, but it has a deeper meaning than just that.

Touching is a huge part of foreplay. Rubbing your partner’s back, chest, legs, and genital area can be highly arousing. Touching is often a prelude to intercourse. It excites both partners, expresses affection, and readies the body for intercourse.

Masturbation was once seriously frowned upon and considered vile or sinful. Years ago, masturbation was said to cause all kinds of harm to body both physically and mentally. However, medicine, science, and general, sexual knowledge has come a long way since then. We now know that masturbation does not cause any kind of harm to body and is actually quite normal and healthy. Some religions still frown...
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