Sexual Roles in Children

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Becoming a gendered body child is very important in society. There comes a time in life when you get the opportunity to choose if the life you have been given is right for you. At times people have said you were born the way you are and others say no it’s a choice. Inside this article an experiment has been done to compare and gather information on how children develop, and their actions, along with body training, to help mold them into their assigned genders. The social problem that is being investigated throughout this article is quite complex to me. Basically they have chosen over 100 students, and 7 teachers that are divided into 5 different classes. Although some are in the same general area were their parents work, they may live, or go to church. The actual experiment is studying how the student’s behavior changes from hyper activity’s to strict ones. As well as how they interact with the others students during play time, dress up, groups activities, etc. They boys versus the girls, the boys verses the boys, and the popular verses the non-popular. Loud to the quite however you would like to look at it. Everything and everyone has been watched, for 6-8 months with detailed recordings and observation. Martin, Karin A. (1998). Becoming a gendered body: Practices of preschools. American Sociological Review, 63(4), p. 494-511. The researchers used two common formed methods for research to conduct this experiment. One of them is participant observation and the other is secondary sources. Now for the secondary sources would have all the information they complied when they had the kids do extra things along with their daily activities there so they could keep an eye on them and notice how things affected their gendered roles. With the participant observations, the researchers stood back and investigated the children at different times and locations within the time frame to see how the time may play a role along with their environment and disciple agenda. Martin,...
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