Sexual Response Cycle

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  • Published : April 19, 2008
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Men and women have a sexual response style when they have sex. In some ways men and women go threw the same type of responses and some times they do not. The “sexual response cycle to describe the changes that occur in the body as men and women become sexually aroused” (Rathus & Nevid, 2004, p. 245) There are four stages of the sexual response cycle excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. The swelling of the genital tissue with blood is known as vasocongestion. Vascongestion in men cause the erection of the penis, testes and the vaginal area in women to swell in both men and women the nipples and even the earlobes may swell. Muscle tension is known as myotonia; this causes spasms in the hands and feet and causes facial grimaces and then the spasms of orgasm. Excitement in men is characterized by an erection. Vascongestion can cause the erection to occur in three to eight seconds after the beginning of sexual stimulation. The testes increase in size and become elevated; the skin in the scrotal area thickens and becomes lest baggy. Heart rate increases and, nipples also become erect. Excitement in women is characterized by lubrication. This lubrication may start ten to thirty seconds after the start of sexual stimulation. The vasocongestion swells the clitoris and flattens the vaginal lips. The inner part of the vagina expands. The breasts enlarge in size. The blood vessels near the surface become more noticeable. Nipples as in the man become more erect and the heart rate increases. The next phase is the plateau phase. During this time the level of sexual arousal remains somewhat stable. This is the time where the body prepares for the orgasm. In men, some may increase in the circumference of the head of the penis. The penis may also take on a purplish tint. Testes are elevated into a position for ejaculation. The testes may reach one half times their size from when they are not aroused. In women the outer part of the vagina swells....
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