Sexual Predators: How the Legal System Processes Them

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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Perversion Cannot Prevail
Melissa England
CRJ 306
Prof. Dawn George
October 3, 2012

In my paper I will cover the approach my home-state has toward sexual predators and the ways in which the predators are processed through our state legal system. I will also cover the borders that protect the common citizen from a predator. My home state is California and I am proud to say that my state has one of the strictest sentencing schedules in the entire United States. The sentencing schedule is called “The Three Strikes Law”. This law mandates not just sex offenders but any felony offenders. In some cases violent sexual offenders are prosecuted with a law called “One Strike” where as when a violent sexual crime is committed then they offender would be prosecuted with facing life in imprisonment for their first strike. It is strongly believed by me that we have a one strike law for all violent sex offenders whose victims were minors. Sex offenders whose crime is violent in nature are prosecuted one of three ways in California. They are either prosecuted as a “one strike”, “habitual sex offender” or a “three strike” criminal. Prosecutors that are faced with trying these offenders are not allowed in the state of California to plea bargain with the defendant at all it’s there job to enforce the law to its fullest unless there is reason to believe that the defendant might be innocent. (Casteneda, 17, 9) I still strongly believe in the fact that all people are innocent until proven guilty. That is where we may have some children that will lie about sexual acts happening to them simply to get attention. This is where using DNA to our advantage would pay off as well as using rape DNA kits on children reporting to be a victim.

California as well as most states has implemented a law called “Megan’s Law”. This law requires sexual predators that have been convicted of a sex crime to register themselves with the local authorities. This information is also public information...
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