Sexual Orientation Descrimination

Topics: Homosexuality, LGBT, Human rights Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Men and women are being killed in Iraq for their sexual orientation. In Iraq people are dying for showing or coming out to being gay or any other sexuality. If they try to make a pack the government hunts them down and kills them. For these acts, the human rights organization Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender group has benefited the people in Iraq suffering from sexual orientation discrimination.

1980’s non fiction books on gay rights movement comes to the world. the age of enlightenment principle helped gays have some sort of freedom. Germany is the birth place of the movement for homosexual emanciption. soo1, Iraq had laws prohibiting homosexuality. Iraq has no sodomy laws against it. under article 395 of the 1969penal code, the age of consent to sodomy was set at 18. “Iraq was following egpionmoel where homosexuality was not an official criminal.” government can come down on gays if they start coming out and creating gay rights political organizations. Iraq crinl code as been amended to officially ae homosexuality a crime punishment for death. 1933, Nazi party came in and sent all homosexual to camps were they soon die. 1950’s gay right movement appeared back in western Europe. many reasons why gay rights movement couldn't be grasped in eastern Europe because f the Muslim world. “they thought of it as unspeable, a crime, a disease, and gross obscenity.” Iraq sill sees homosexuality crime “even though the criminal system does not prohibitt it. 2005 the bush administration election, was” promoting liberty benefiting Iraqi gays. “the regime” change does not appear o have legalized homosexuality but it should have replaced the death penalty with a lessor sentence.”

Iraq is located in middle east: area 437,072 square kilometers. “boarded by Turkey to north, Iran to east, wait and Persian gulf to south, Jordan ad audi arabiato south west Sarita northwest.” on cast line of Persian gulf on it southeastern tip covering 58...
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