Sexual Orientation and Human Rights

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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The importance of one’s sexual orientation in today’s society is quite prevalent. As human beings, we demand that everything in our lives be categorized and placed into its own spot in our mind. These different categories we use may include age, race, height, personality, and sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is one’s sexual identity in relation to which gender they are attracted to. In today’s society, as well as that of the past, many individuals believe this information is fairly important to know about a particular person. The group of people that are mostly affected by this way of thinking would be that of the Lesbian (L), Gay (G), Bi-sexual (B), and Transgender (T) community. Instead of being treated equally and fairly by the rest of the community, these individuals may be ostracized by the rest of the world because of their sexual preferences. This problem becomes more and more apparent as we look into the employment and schooling of the LGBT Community and the mistreatments they encounter on a day to day basis. Some of the basic human rights of these individuals are completely disregarded because of their sexual orientation. These mistreatments are more widespread than many individuals believe, and the effects it has on the LGBT Community can be detrimental.

For the LGBT citizens, these mistreatments of their basic human rights are apparent in their day to day lives. Focusing on the employment and schooling of these citizens, one is able to clearly see the mistreatments that surrounds these individuals. There is a problematic “disconnect” between the ideal discussion on diversity rights and the actual encounters which are experienced by the LGBT community in our country (Taylor, 2011, p. 277). The discrimination they combat in their day to day lives at work and school can have negative effects on these individuals. In a Hong Kong study, conducted by Holning Lau & Rebecca L. Stotzer, it is reported that, while there is protection against...
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