Sexual Orientation

Topics: Homosexuality, Gender, Sexual orientation Pages: 3 (1116 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Sexual orientation is the nature of sexual or erotic desires that is the direction of an individual’s sexual desires and emotions towards members of the opposite sex (homosexual), members of the same sex (homosexuals) and in some instances both (bisexual). In simple terms it is the sexual preference of individuals. Several factors have been listed by vast majority of sexuality researchers. Most dominant among the listed causes are genetic/biological, social influences and psychological factors. The debate on sexual orientation is a never ending one that engages the diverse views of people from different backgrounds be it political, religious, human rights and to a great extent the race and culture. The question of the origin of sexual orientation has been charged by religious and political beliefs and so inflamed by misconceptions of those discussing it. Among the possible listed factors determining one’s sexual orientation is genetic factors. Genes are the basic unit of inheritance as well the person’s chemical makeup. This means people are born either as heterosexuals or homosexuals and that is their biological being. This cause has being given more weight by all stakeholders over the world. This is to say that sexual orientation is no fault of those it affects since they have no control over their chemical makeup. This cause is the most researched into and yet most incomplete due to the varying results of the various researchers. On top of the chain of studies is the ‘twin studies’ involving twins who are known to share strands of chromosomes but having different sexual orientation. Closely related is that most homosexuals are later borne’s and are therefore exposed to lower levels of testosterone (male hormones). There is also substantial evidence that levels sex hormones during parental development increases the likelihood of homosexuality. Does society plays any roles in sexual orientation? Do people learn to be homosexuals? It is believed that a person’s...
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