Sexual Immorality

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Sexual immorality runs rampant in our society today. In this prophetic critique I am addressing all of the people that promote and have had abortions for superficial reasons. In our time people have sex out of wedlock and they are not prepared to suffer the consequences of their actions. It isn’t just to the women that have had them but the parents, boyfriends, husbands and people that influenced them to have an abortion because it was convenient at the time. Abortion for no reason other than people don’t want a baby is a sin and God speaks out against murder in the bible. God tells us that he knits each of us together in our mother wombs and he knows us even before our parents do and we are all part of his master plan. When we kill an unborn child we are interfering with Gods plan because he has a special job for each of us and when someone’s life is terminated when it has only just begun his plan cannot be fulfilled. Someone’s chance to do their job was taken away before they were even introduced to the world. The society today is all about women being liberated and having the right to chose but what about the rights of the baby that they are terminating because they cannot afford it, have enough already, are too young, want to have a career, or they just plain don’t want one. The statistics are staggering 50% of women today that get pregnant have abortions and those are just the abortions that are reported. This distresses God because he tells us that this is wrong because it is murder. In the bible unborn children are thought of as alive and when we snuff out the life of a n unborn child its just as bad as killing an adult. Yet still and have many continue to do it. God wants us to value human life and by having abortions it shows us that we may not value life as he tells us to. Because there are other options to choose from I believe that God would want us to choose one that may have a bright ending for more than one person. God will judge...
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