Sexual Harrassment at Workplace : a Case Study Conducted in Urban Areas of Gujrat, Punjab Pakistan

Topics: Harassment, Sexual harassment, Shopping mall Pages: 19 (6511 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Sexual Harassment of Working Women at Work Place: Experiences of Women, Working in Shopping Malls of Gujrat City

Submitted by
Naveed Arif(10013018-021)
Maryam Bibi (10013018-013)
Rabia Nawaz (10013018-007)
Saima Ramzan (10013018-027)
Iram Shahzadi (10013018-003)
Naseem Gul (10013018-006)

Department of Sociology

We are greatly obliged to almighty Allah, the more generous and more superior whose blessing and glory flourished our thoughts and boosted our ambitions, always giving us talented and kind teachers, affectionate parents and cooperative fellows. First of all our special acknowledge to Miss Rizwana yousaf, our immediate supervisor for providing technical guidance at each stage of our work. Her kind support, understanding and patience were of immense to us. We are very thankful to the authorities of Aleena shopping mall. Sarwar Gold plaza, Pace who allow us for the collection of data. Last but not least we want to acknowledge the cooperation of all respondents who gave us their precious time and coordinated. In data collection purpose without their cooperation we may not able to conduct this study.

The present researches investigate the working women perception about sexual harassment at work place. Main objectives of the present study were to see the type of sexual harassment among working women. For this purpose researcher used interview guide for data collection through survey of shopping malls. Gujrat city was taken as universe. Target population of this study was working women in Gujrat city.Sampling unit of this study was working women of shopping malls. Researcher used purposive sampling method present study. Researcher find out that sexual harassment is most frequently occurred at work place. Mostly sexual harassment cases are not reported.

Chapter #| Report contents | Page #|
I| IntroductionBackground * Problem Statement * Objective * Significance of the Study   | 5-7| II| Review of Literature| 8-13|
111| Conceptualization & Operationalization * Conceptual Definition of Variables * Operational Definition of Variables| 13-14| 1V| Materials and Methods * Universe/Population/Study Area * Target Population * Element of Study/Unit of Analysis * Sampling Procedures/Techniques * Study Design/ Technique of Data Collection * Tool of Data Collection| 15-16| V| Data Analysis| 17-24|

VI| Summary, Conclusion, Recommendations * Summary * Conclusion * Recommendation| 25-29| | References | 30-31|
| Annexure/Appendix * Interview guide| 32-33|

Chapter # 1

Pakistan is a developing country.Population of Pakistan is 187,342,721World Fact Book, 2011). The literacy rate of women is 36% in Pakistan World Fact Book, 2005).The condition of women in Pakistan is always been a matter of great debate. Sexual harassment is a scenario in the whole world from which the women suffered and in Pakistan also. In December of 2000 speakers at a seminar stated that large numbers of working women face discrimination and sexual harassment. Women routinely denied equal opportunities for promotion, pay, and benefits. It may be occurring at work places i.e. hospitals, educational institute, factories, shops, bus stop etc. The practice of sexual harassment is very old. Phillips,Susan.(1993). Author said that Sexual harassment is unwanted, unwelcome and rude behavior that makes you feel intimidated, victimized, uncomfortable, embarrassed, and threatened. It creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment for employment, study or social life. When this includes unwanted and unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, it is called Sexual Harassment. John (1995) reported that Sexual harassments can occur in a variety of circumstances. Often, but not...
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