Sexual Harrassment

Topics: Harassment, Abuse, Sexual harassment Pages: 6 (1492 words) Published: June 1, 2013
BEL 492

Associate Professor Hj. Sa’aban Hj. Salim

23RD MARCH 2009

1.0 In Class Activities

2.0 Introduction
2.1 Title
2.2 Reasons for Choosing The Title
2.3 General Purpose
2.4 Specific Purpose
2.5 Central Ideas
2.5.1 Definitions of Sexual Harassment
2.5.2 Forms of Sexual Harassment
2.5.3 Types of Sexual Harassment
2.5.4 Effects of Sexual Harassment
2.5.5 Actions to Be Taken When Being Sexually Harassed

3.0 Body
3.1 Definitions of Sexual Harassment
3.2 Forms of Sexual Harassment
3.3 Types of Sexual Harassment
3.4 Effects of Sexual Harassment
3.5 Actions to Be Taken When Being Sexually Harassed

4.0 Conclusion


Evaluation Form

1.0 In Class Activities
1. 06.01.09 Introduction of BEL 492
2. 13.01.09 Lecture : student portfolio and preparation outline 3. 20.01.09 Discussing about the title choosing
4. 27.01.09 Mid-term Break
5. 03.02.09 Discussing about the sources
6. 10.02.09 Lecture :
7. 17.02.09 Lecture : how to prepare the slide for Presentation 1 8. 24.02.09 Presentation 1 (Group 1) (40%)
9. 03.03.09 Presentation 1 (Group 2) (40%)
10. 10.03.09 Lecture : how to prepare the slide for Presentation 2 11. 17.03.09 Lecture :
12. 24.03.09 Presentation 2 (Group 1) (40%)
13. 31.03.09 Presentation 2 (Group 2) (40%)
14. 07.04.09
15. 14.04.09

2.0 Introduction
2.1 Title “Sexual Harassment in the Working Environment” 2.1.1 Reasons of Choosing
To make my audience aware that Sexual Harassment is not a small problem and wants audience to have the knowledge about the true environment of Sexual Harassment at work place.

2.1.2 General Purpose
To inform

2.1.3 Specific Purpose
To inform my audience about the true environment of sexual harassment at work place.

2.1.4 Central Ideas Definitions of Sexual Harassment Forms of Sexual Harassment Types of Sexual Harassment Effects of Sexual Harassment Actions To Be Taken When We Being Sexually Harassed

3.0 Body
3.1 Definitions of Sexual Harassment
• 3.1.1: According to oxford dictionary (6th edition 2000); “sexual harassment is a comment about sex, physical contact, etc. usually happening at work, that a person finds annoying and offensive.” • 3.1.2: Based on Code of Practice On The Prevention and Eradication of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace-Ministry of Human Resources (1999); “sexual harassment is any unwanted conduct of sexual nature having the effect of verbal, non-verbal, psychological of physical harassment.” • 3.1.3: Refer to U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) 1980; “Sexual harassment is unwanted and unwelcome behavior, or attention, of a sexual nature that interferes with your life which can affect can affect an individual's work performance, and can create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment”

3.2 Forms of Sexual Harassment
· 3.2.1: According to EEOC (1980), there are 3 basic forms of sexual harassment; · Unsolicited or unwanted touching of any part of clothing or body Cornering or blocking Stalking or following
· VERBAL Profanity- obscene or degrading terms for men or woman and inappropriate use of terms of endearment Obscene jokes, cat calls, or cadence with sexual overtones Spreading rumors about an individual sex life Sexually oriented remarks about a person’s clothing or body Persistent requests for dates
· NON–VERBAL Gestures made with intentional sexual overtones Staring, leering, blowing kisses, licking lips Leaving sexually suggestive notes, magazines, cartoons, mugs, or pictures

3.3 Types of Sexual Harassment

• 3.3.1: According to Malaysian Labor Law: Regulation...
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