Sexual Harrassment

Topics: Employment, Clarence Thomas, Sexual harassment Pages: 4 (1329 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Sexual Harassment
Mark Hightower
Webster University

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction3
Problem Statement3
Chapter 2. Literature Review4

Sexual Harassment
Chapter 1: Introduction
Over the past decade, sexual harassment has become a thoroughly researched topic. Articles, books, and a range of online publications have examined and outlined the problems of sexual harassment, particularly sexual harassment as it occurs in the workplace. Despite the fact that sexual harassment is nearly universally acknowledged to be a problem for American businesses, one major aspect of the problem is that there have yet to have been sufficient robust examinations of the costs associated with sexual harassment. According to Yanez (1998), “In 1997, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) issued its Sexual Harassment Guidance: Harassment of Students by School Employees, Other Students, or Third Parties.” This publication represents one of the few studies of the diverse costs that are accrued by companies, employees, and society as a consequence of sexual harassment cases. According to E. Grinberg (2011) legal cost and damage control are a few reasons that an employer might pay to sweep sexual harassment allegations under the rug, due to the high cost of court fees and public opinion. Problem Statement

The costs of sexual harassment are varied and include direct impacts on an organization’s bottom-line profitability through fines, financial settlements, and court costs. Indirect expenditures are made manifest through decreased productivity, negative morale, negative press, and increased employee turnover. Moreover, the employee is also financially affected by the experience of sexual harassment in the form of attorney fees, loss of wages, and medical costs accrued as a result of emotional or psychological distress. The existing research will be utilized to...
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