Sexual Harrasment Prevention

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Sexual Harassment Prevention
BA411 Training and Development
Grantham University
Gustavo A. Hernandez

1. Create 2 more SMART goals for this training.
Identify Different Types of Sexual Harassment
Specific: Trainees will become familiar and aware of the many different forms that sexual harassment comes in. Measurable: Trainees will obtain knowledge on the following topics on sexual harassment: Harassing Conduct, Sexual Joking, Sexist Words, Sexist Behavior, Sexual Advances, and Requests for Sex and Sexual Intimidation. Attainable: At this program's conclusion, participants should be able to: * Define sexual harassment.

* Identify the myths surrounding sexual harassment.
* Review the laws and basic court decisions about sexual harassment. * Identify what is and what is not sexual harassment.
* Practice dealing with sexual harassment.
* Document their understanding of sexual harassment.
Responsibility: Using sexual-harassment prevention knowledge gained from the program, trainees will have an opportunity to test their knowledge of the law by determining how they would handle a variety of workplace situations. Time: The training will be conducted 1 hour a week for 3 weeks or until every employee has attended training. 2. Explain what the mean for pre and post training means, why are these figures important? The mean is the mathematical average of a set of numbers. Using a mean to describe a score in a study helps to level the data to remove the influence of random errors in the experiment. In this case study:

For the option talking to a manager, the mean pre-training rating was 3.4, as compared to a mean post- training rating of 3.7, a statistically significant change at p <0.001. For the option reporting the incident to human resources, the mean pre-training rating was 3.1, as compared to a mean post-training rating of 3.7, a statistically significant change at p <0.001. For the option contacting an attorney, the mean...
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