Sexual Harrasment

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Best Buy CEO`s Unethical Step

Case Analysis Paper
Februar 2, 2012

Best Buy, as one of the biggest electronic sellers on the market, becomes in last four years the world`s most ethical company according to Ethisphere Institute. Best Buy`s reputation was almost gone when CEO Brian Dunn was accused form inappropriate conduct, vendors gift, and conflicts of interest in March 2012. The core values of the company were signed right from the beginning of the company. Best Buy realized that by following the ethical management they will get more results so they put the ethics first. One of the most important parts of best buy ethic system is Ethic officer who is responsible for dealing with ethical issues within the company as well as with their external parties. Rules and values for each stakeholder of the company can be found in Core of conducts of the company. However, Best Buy`s reputation was almost gone when Brian Dunn, CEO, was accused form inappropriate conduct, vendors gift, and conflicts of interest in March 2012. Even though there are many cases in business sphere when CEO married his/her employee, there are companies which doesn`t allowed such a behavior. Best buy is one of such companies. It lasted at least year when finally the relationship between Dunn and his subordinate come to the light. As was stated in the Report of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of Best Buy (May 12, 2012), Dunn had close relationship with one of the female employees. Dunn and young lady did not admit romantic or sexual relationship; both were talking about close and platonic friendship. However, there were a lot of proves such as phone calls; texts, videos, and picture messages, some of them expressing affection; Committee failed to prove their further relationship. Moreover, “Dunn asked a vendor to give his employee a concert ticket. Best Buy forbids employees to accept gifts of value from vendors”(Sandoval, 2012). There was a clear violation...
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