Sexual Harasstment

Topics: Sexual harassment, Abuse, Bullying Pages: 4 (1011 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Sexual Harassment

I. Intro
a. What is sexual harassment?
II. Body
a. Types of sexual harassment
b. How does the law deals with sexual harassment
c. How to prevent sexual harassment
III. Conclusion

The purpose of this paper is to give information about sexual harassment in the United States. I will explain what sexual harassment is, the types of sexual harassment, how does the law deal with sexual harassment and how can sexual harassment be prevent. I want to inform about sexual harassment so that way we can help to stop this in our workplace and in any place that we might be.

Sexual Harassment
What is Sexual Harassment?
Sexual harassment is considered as a form of harassment which includes any unwanted conduct or comment which has a negative impact on the victim on the victim’s work environment. Sexual harassment, like other types of harassment is considered as a form of discrimination. Some examples of this behavior include annoying comments, jokes, verbal abuse, intimidation, threats, offensive pictures, graffiti, cartoons or sayings also offensive email messages. According to (Gruber 1997; Gutek 1985) women and men may experience sexual harassment but women are more likely to be sexually harassed. Moreover, women are more likely to experience negative job-related consequences of sexual harassment such as quitting or losing a job due to unwanted sexual advances (Dansky and Kilpatrick 1997).

Types of Sexual Harassment
There are three types of sexual harassment as identified by Gelfand et al (1993). These include gender harassment, unwanted sexual attention and sexual intimidation, each of these consists of a variety of verbal and nonverbal behaviors. Gender harassment involves behaviors that generally result in handover aggressive and humiliating attitudes about women such as gender discrimination. Unwanted sexual attention consists of behaviors that are more widely recognized as harassing such as...
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