Sexual Harassment: Issue or Not?

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  • Published : September 7, 2012
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Case Study 6-2: Sexual Harassment: Issue or Not?
Question 1: Does this scenario constitute grounds for sexual harassment? If so, discuss what action you think Keith should take. Annette's unwanted attention and advances toward any employee constitutes sexual harassment by her toward the member of staff. Keith must document everything involved with this issue according to his best remembrance. Then he needs to officially put Annette on notice verbally and in writing what he is apprehensive with. He needs to be as specific as he can about what he doesn’t want to occur any longer. After Keith officially puts Annette on blast, Keith must clearly state that the very next related infraction that she creates towards him, he will file a complaint against her. Detailed records should be recognized afterward. On the very next infringement after the formal notice to Annette, Keith must notify Annette's superior in the company. If this does not resolve the issue, then Keith’s obligation is to contact Human Resource and file an official Equal Opportunity complaint against Annette for unfairness based on sexual harassment. Question 2: If you were the AM and saw the scene at the water cooler, what would you do? In the AM I would take Annette aside and explain to her that the company has a clear Sexual Harassment Policy, that it is clearly enforced. Inform her that what she has done to Keith is Sexual Harassment. I would explain that while Keith may not complain at this point in time, anyone else in the office that witnesses this conduct may file an official complaint about it. In addition, Keith may change his mind at any time and decide that he is being sexually harassed and file his own grievance. Question 3: Would the situation be any different if the advances had been made by a man to a woman? Explain. The situation works towards anyone that perceives the harassment as unwanted no matter if it is with women on women, man on man, men on women or women on man. This is true...
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