Sexual Harassment in the Police Force

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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The article entitles ‘Nothing unusual – female cops say sexual harassment prevalent” was taken from The Jamaica Gleaner. It dated February 12, 2007 and was written by a Garwin Davis. What the article did was to highlight a few incidences where female police officers were sexually harassed by male colleagues within the police force. The article also mentioned that when such incidences were reported, due actions were taken to address them. The nature of these actions which were taken by superiors to address this sensitive issue was not mentioned however. Analysis

Sexual harassment is defined by Trevino and Nelson as being any unwelcome sexually oriented behavior that makes someone feel uncomfortable at work and is not limited to women. They go on to mention that there are two types of sexual harassment, quid quo pro and hostile work environment. Seeing as the selected article relates to the latter, the focus will be on such. According to the article, a female officer at the Ocho Rios Police Station was allegedly harassed by a male colleague. Following this report, other female officers voiced that such incidences were “a common practice” and were “nothing unusual.” The obvious issue here then is sexual harassment. The other more subtle one identifies itself as the article points out that the alleged victim did not see it fitting to make the report to any of her divisional heads, neither in St. Ann nor Ocho Rios; thus implying a lack of confidence in such superiors. We could therefore ask the question, who then are or potentially could be affected by these action? Is it just the alleged harasser and the person being harassed? Naturally, it would be the police officers, inclusive of everyone regardless of rank as well as the public who looks on to what takes place within the force; a force whose mission is to serve, protect and reassure the people of our country Jamaica, through the delivery of impartial and professional services. Jamaica is without a...
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