Sexual Harassment Essay

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Svetlana Sysoeva
Sexual harassment in schools
Sexual harassment topic is one of the most widely covered by media, politicians and general public. The most common kind that is observed in publications and articles is the sexual harassment in the work place. But another very important type of it that remains in shadow is the sexual harassment in schools. Bullying is one of the most popular issues discussed when it comes to young kids. But what primarily affects the kid’s psychology and behavior is the unwanted sexual situations that existed, exist and are going to stay if nothing will be changed. The Tracy’s Clark- Flory publication “It’s more than pulled pigtails”, published on November eight, 2011 in Salon magazine raises a problem of sexual harassment in schools and provides the number of anecdotes about young kids, suffering from sex attacks in schools. Looking at the title of the article a reader can understand that it is about school and problems that are beyond just teasing and playing among kids. The author conducted a research and found out that a large number of children were sexually harassed when they were in school. Tracy Clark-Flory claims that sexual harassment in schools is alarmingly on the rise and very little is done to change it. I think that this problem is one of the leading issues in schools for two reasons. Firstly, children don’t know how to express themselves properly. Secondly, adults are being indifferent to children’s complaints. Clark-Flory posits that some women don’t know how to call their sexual harassment experiences until later. I believe that it happens because little information is given from adults, that’s why a lot of sexual harassment cases remain unreported. Children simply don’t know what that is therefore they don’t complaint to adults about it. For instance, in a New York Times article by…a woman from… tells that throughout school years boys would imitate the tongue motion associated with oral sex at her. She...
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