Sexual Harassment and Performance Appraisal System

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  • Published : October 20, 2010
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We Aim to Inspire

“The secret of joy in work is contained in one word – excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it”
-Pearl S. Buck

This case is written by Maria Abbasi1, Andrew Samson David2 & Adnan Ahmed3 students of MBA under the supervision of Komal Rehan Mudassir4, Lecturer Human Resource Management, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. All the names used in this case are fictitious to hide the identity and to avoid the lawsuits. This case study is prepared with the cooperation of an organization that intends to remain anonymous and from publish resources. ____________



Case Study


“Sexual Harassment” & “Performance Appraisal System”




Submitted By:Submitted To:

Maria Abbasi (014) Mrs. Komal Rehan Mudassir
Andrew Samson David (005) &
Adnan Ahmed (006)

Dated:June 08, 2010

Subject:Human Resource Management

Topic of Project: “Sexual Harassment” & “Performance Appraisal System”


To our families,
The motivation for all we do.


As authorized by our teacher, Ma’am Komal Rehan, to choose a project of case studies on Sexual Harassment” & “Unjust And Opaque Of Performance Appraisal System”, as an end semester project at COMSATS University of Information Technology, Wah Cantt., we have completed our case study after collecting specific data.


We owe our profound thanks and deepest gratitude to God Almighty, Who blessed us with determination, strength, ability and divine help to complete this management. This report is on “Sexual Harassment” & “Unjust and Opaque Of Performance Appraisal System”. This report is a part of our course titled as Human Resource Management conducted in COMSATS Institute of Information Technology – Wah Campus. Then we would like to acknowledge our course instructor Mrs. Komal Rehan Mudassir to give us an opportunity to work on this project, and allow us to make use of our analytical abilities. It was her guidance and never ending patience that lead us to complete this report. Our special thanks to our beloved parents and friends without whose support we would not be able to complete our assignment and their coordination has made us able to achieve the task in time.

Table of Contents

S. No.ContentsPage No.

1. Abstract08
2. Subject Area Of The Case08
3. Keywords08
4. Case Scenario09
5. Organization’s Profile09
6. Hierarchy Of ABC Organization09
7. Role Of HRM In Organization10
8. Performance Evaluation System Of Organization10
9. Situation Background10
10. Teaching Notes12
11. Case Analysis14
12. Suggestions15


This case deals with the basic human resource in the company like issues of “Sexual Harassment” And “Unjust and Opaque Of Performance Appraisal System”. It is the core theme behind writing the case study. This ultimately affects the organizational culture and employee commitment towards their job.

Sexual Harassment at work is an unethical, unwelcomed or uninvited behavior which is offensive, embarrassing, intimidating and effects on work performance, career or livelihood of an employee. This case is based on an experimental study that was carried out in a public organization. “All the names used to hide the identity and to avoid the law sues in this case are fictitious.”

Subject Area of the Case

“Improper Performance Appraisal System” & “Sexual Harassment”


Sexual Harassment, Employee Commitment, Performance Appraisal System, Organization Culture

Case Scenario

It was very fine morning ofAug, 2009 when Ambreen woke up but was still in bed. Suddenly she...
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