Sexual Exploitation

Topics: Child sexual abuse, Human sexual behavior, Police Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Sexual Exploitation of Children
As the use of Internet increases, questions are being brought up on how sex offenders, using the Internet, are committing crimes such as child sexual exploitation. “Child sexual exploitation can involve the following: Possession, manufacture and distribution of child pornography; online enticement of children for sexual acts; child prostitution; child sex tourism and; child sexual molestation” (Phillips, 2011, p.1). There are a number of ways of sexual offenders utilizing the Internet to exploit children. The police should have the right to utilize the undercover technique by law enforcement in addressing crimes of sex offenders. Countless children are being targeted and put in danger due to persistent perpetrators.

Sex offenders often take advantage of the Internet in order to commit crimes regarding child pornography. These perpetrators know the latest trends in music, interests, and hobbies. Sex offenders will often listen and sympathize towards children with problems. “These individuals attempt to gradually lower children's inhibitions by slowly introducing sexual content into their conversations” (FBI, 2010-2012, p.1). Through the Internet, sex offenders can also attain or exchange child pornographic images.

There are a number of ways in sex offenders utilizing the Internet to exploit children. “These types of Internet sex crimes against minors have caused concern among parents, law enforcement agencies, lawmakers, educators and other child advocates and become a factor in the debate over Internet regulation” (Kimberly and Finkelhorb, 2000-2006, Vol.20 No.4). One way in perpetrators exploiting children on the Internet is by using chat rooms. They can convince children so that they have no way in escaping. A possible example of what a sex offender could say is that the child is responsible for their behavior. Sex offenders can also make children to think that no one will ever believe them even if they were to tell someone...
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