Sexual Education in Schools

Topics: Birth control, Condom, Teenage pregnancy Pages: 4 (1585 words) Published: February 26, 2008
There are many very influential issues occurring in our world right now that affect my generation and those to come. The one that seems to be plaguing the young people of today and tomorrow is teenage sexual activity. Young adults are not as informed about the risks and complications that they face with inexperience and lack of knowledge. Many teens are going into the high school atmosphere with little to no knowledge of sex other than it creates children. This is a deadly thought because lack of knowledge can lead to the ending of someone's life. The only proper way to insure that they do not make a horrible decision on their own is to ensure they are well educated on the matter. The only way to insure this is to inform them of the risks and complications from an early age.

Young teens are facing a problem of religious groups and socially non accepting parents, all who do not want the teens to become informed on safe sex. The fact that teens know very little is not just affecting the teens it's also affecting everyone in the U.S. For instance teen pregnancy is on the rise in females across the country, and STD's are running rampant. They cure it seems at the moment for both problems is to have people informed on how to take precautions against it. Teen pregnancy for instance is hurting tax payers and parents in the form of insurance, welfare, and even costs to the state in the form of abortion pills and other methods. The teens are not to blame, the schools and school boards are however. They have to become socially accepting to the idea before it's too late.

Sexual education courses should be offered to teens as early as the start of middle school and then refreshed every year. This is a projected program by even some Maryland schools so the students are informed and aware of their actions. The overall affect of teens with a lack of knowledge is they will tend to hurt themselves and others; this is why I believe that sexual education is an important topic...
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