Sexual Devince

Topics: Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Sexual Deviance
     Fantasy, symbolism, ritualism, and compulsion are the four elements of sexual behavior.  These elements are true in either normal or deviant sexual behavior (Holmes and Holmes 2009).  Sexual fantasies are needed for one to be sexual, some of the fantasies being more difficult or in depth than what some imagine.  When rape is the situation sexual activities take place without the woman, or sometimes even the man having no sexual fantasy.  Everyone has fantasies; they just vary from person to person.             Symbolism, also known as a fetish (or partialism) is a visual element.  A sexual fetish is the arousal one receives from a physical object. Partialism involves an attachment to isolated parts of the body.  While everyone has fetishes, many people do have a partialism such as the legs or neck, but not everyone.  Fetishes can be anything; short skirts, high heels, sex toys, etc.  Fetishes and partialisms are natural and found in all humans, however, they become considered unhealthy attractions when these symbols are required to have any type of sexual activity.             Next we have ritualism.  Rituals play a big role in who we are as a person, as there are rituals in just about all the we do.  Sex offenders are as ritualistic as in their sexual predations as others who are sexually active (Holmes and Holmes 2009).  When things are not done according to ritual during the sexual encounter it will be started over until the sequence of events are correct.  Married couples are also at ritualistic.  Words will be spoken in a certain manner or the gestures made toward one another will send messages back and forth that come across as sexual.  Some may have Sunday rituals or morning rituals when it is their time away from the kids and time they always engage in sexual acts. Compulsion is when the offender feels they are compelled to commit the act they committed.  The offender has no sympathy toward their victims, feeling...
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