Sexual Deviance

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Sex and the law, Sexual intercourse Pages: 3 (771 words) Published: June 13, 2012
Our text book discusses four elements that link to a person’s sexual behavior. The four elements are fantasy, symbolism, ritualism and compulsion. The first element discussed in our text book is fantasy. The textbook says that “It is impossible to be sexual without some form of fantasy” (Holmes & Holmes, 2009). When a person gets to live out their sexual fantasies that is what makes the sexual act more intense. In order to have a sexual fantasy, one must be sexual. A person must have a fantasy in order to be sexually involved with another person or even with themselves. When a person has a sexual fantasy, it seems to enhance the intercourse. There are many types of fantasies that range from what one would call normal all the way up to what some might call completely bizarre. Unfortunetly, a lot of people watch “porn” in order to fulfill a fantasy. They fantasize while watching the movie or clip that it is a girlfriend, boyfriend, or even someone that they wish they could have. By fantasizing while watching, they are “pleasuring themselves”. The next element that I will discuss is ritualism. Ritualism is described as a manner which certain words or gestures are made or the way in which any of a great many words or deeds are committed or omitted can carry a sexual message (Holmes & Holmes, 2009). People that have been with someone for a long period of time can usually know exactly what their partner is feeling or wanting just by something that the partner does or says. Sometimes it may be a sexual gesture or even just a typical conversation. For example, a serial rapist might make their victims tell them that they are the best that they have ever had. This in turn makes the rapist feel like they are the one in control. If that is what helps them be satisfied in a sexual way, they will continue to repeat this same thing with every victim.

Another element that is discussed in the textbook is compulsion. Compulsion can be a dangerous...
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