Sexual Communication Research Paper

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Condom, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (1080 words) Published: December 9, 2012
The three articles discussed below include studies seeking to prove hypotheses regarding the use of condoms, as well as the disclosure of taboo topics in relationships. I then used the results from these studies to form my own hypothesis, as well as a method of testing it.

The first article is written by Onacle King, and explores the idea of condom use and the differences between men and women in discouraging it. The goal of their study was to find out what percentages of men and women use condoms regularly, what percentages attempt to dissuade their partners from using condoms, and the lines most commonly used to do so. The results of their survey showed that only 20 percent of subjects always used condoms, and that women were almost just as likely as men to dissuade condom use. The most commonly reported dissuasion line was “Sex doesn’t feel a good with a condom” (Onacle & King, 379-391, 2001).

Holland and French conducted the next study. They asked a large and very diverse sample, the majority of which being in some form of a relationship, how often they used condoms during sex with their partner, and which of six given lines, some direct and some more indirect, they used more often to promote condom use. Results found that those who used more than one of the given lines were more likely to successfully promote condom use, and using assertive lines was especially effective They also were able to support their hypotheses that women are more active in supporting condom use, and that Whites and African-Americans are more likely to use direct techniques of promoting condom use than Asians (Holland & French, 1-11, 2011).

The final study, conducted by Anderson et al, was concerned with finding out what topics men and women in relationships considered taboo, and why they were thought to be taboo. They surveyed a large pool of men and women and asked them those very two questions. The most common taboo responses were past relationships and sexual...
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