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Sexual and Gender Diversity

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Sexual and Gender Diversity

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I chose to research the Sexual and Gender Diversity websites for my assignment. The websites that are listed in the book for this chapter are as follows:,,,

In the websites I have read I have found "many" interesting facts and resources. In particular, the Egale website has articles which are about taking action against homophobia in our schools, lesbian and gay rights and etc. In order to fight for gay rights in schools Egale has launched a campaign called the "Safe Schools Campaign" which recognizes the need to protect and include ALL students. They have links to petitions you can sign to help make a difference. There are 4 easy steps to help out their Safe Schools Campaign which you can find on their website,

On the Gender Education and Advocacy website there are a lot of useful resources about gender-based oppression, they are a non-profit corporation which shares information about transsexual and transgender issues. There is information about what to expect or think of before you get surgeries from FTM or MTF. And resources for people who have transitioned from MTF about breast cancer. As well as a link to an online memorial for those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice.

PFLAG Canada is a registered charitable organization that provides support, education and resources to the parents, families and individuals who have questions or concerns about their own sexual orientation or gender identity. This site contains extensive links for support on understanding your own sexuality, or a loved one who is a part of the GLBTT2IQQ community. It also contains links to sites about lesbians and safe sex, which is not usually discussed openly or on any websites I have been to. And this is a useful tool for all women and those who are coming out or bisexual, because it is somehow believed that women in same sex...

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