Sexist vs Nonsexist Ads

Topics: Jeans, Lee, Gender Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: January 24, 2011
Lanvin H&M VS Lee Jeans
In the ad, the main focus is on the women in the picture whom is very revealing and has many purchased goods from H&M. As we can tell from the dialogue bubble from the lady, she is greeting her special someone. However, then if you look in the background it gets a little sketchy, it appears that her man is having a romantic scene with another women. Yet, that still one part of the message of the advertisement. Taking a look at the colors, everything is in black and white except for the H&M dress product that both the wife and the women with her husband are wearing. So what is the message? The target of this advertisement is to middle aged women, and the flashing subliminal significance is that women should dress nicely or else their man will cheat on her. In summary, women are portrayed to have to please her man with very posh lingerie or face the consequences.

The methods of advertising this H&M dress product I feel is very sexist and makes women feel that they need to act in such ways to obtain happiness. I would suggest presenting the dress in a more modest and genuine style. Such as displaying the dress with all its vivid colors in a close up photo that would attract attention through its unique style.

Lee displays their jeans with two women that appear to be good friends. The outfits are not at all revealing and are modest. The colors are easy on the eyes with family audience feel to it. Instead of subliminal messages to lure purchases, this advertisement presents the jean as a product made to suit you. A picture of how the overall appearance would look like, then a picture of the jean close up showing all the features such as the sizing at different areas and the reasons for them. No sexist messages are presented to lure consumers, instead, the product itself is being advertised for its unique features.

In the H&M dress advertisement, the message could impact teenagers on their beliefs in what...
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