Sexism: Traditional Gender Role

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Sexism is an ideology that one sex is superior to others, and it’s generally referred to males superior to females. Sexism is defines as discrimination against people based on their sex or gender, be it males toward females or vise versa. Sexism occurs in almost everywhere in the world, its worldwide issues that have been happening all the time, until today, although the issues like sexism have been decreased gradually. The issues is very important because it's unfair to the women in this society we are live in today, it is not like back at 1940s where women have to stay home to cook, clean, and look after the kids while the men go to work. The woman today have the authority to vote, and getting jobs that are usually done by man. And vise versa, the man is also doing the woman job at this century, e.g: taking care of child or even cooking. But, like i mentioned, sexism occurs almost everywhere, and still happening even today, that's why we as part of the society should put more concern on the issues hoping that the world or the society will turn better as we are all human, male or female, we should have the equal's right toward each others.

Gender Role
Gender role is an expectation of attitude, responsible and such of male and female. Most of the families out there still bind on traditional gender role of male and female, and that is what mostly causes sexism today. I. Male's gender role

First of all, from the expectation of physical looks of one male, they are expect to be masculine, strong and tough. These are all traditional gender role since ancient time. They believe man should be strong, should be tough, should be masculine, so that they can be reliable, dependable. But of course, man is also responsible for all those tough work, like build a house, for moving and carrying heavy things and all. That's why man is required to be strong and tough in the old times. But even today in this high-tech century, man is still consider best with masculine, strong and touch body. Luckily, the cultural changes time from time, many of the country now doesn't attach the same gender role nowadays while some of the country might still carrying it on. Mentally, mens are expect to be aggressive, daring, active, and the most prominent 1 is to be dominant! How strong is the word dominant? Since the old time, mens are to be dominate the female, they rule over the female, dominating. And as one's ambition is as big as ruling the country, this show how dominant a man is. Alexander the great, even try to conquer the whole Europe. Unfortunately, mens nowadays is still expected to have some of the traditional gender role. Many family still thinks that man should be the head of family, and man should work for living at outside, earn money for the family. It's a role that have been set since generations ago. II. Female's gender role

Female's gender role is set to be feminine and soft. While it's truth that woman is not capable on carrying something as heavy as a man does, and they tend to be weak in physical compare to man. For these reason, since the old time, woman is set to cooking at home, and taking care of child, and even slavery for those mens in the high class. While the situation is a bit different in this high-tech century, in most of the family, they still follow the traditional rules and gender roles, that woman should not go out work, but stay home instead, taking care of the family and such. While mens need to be aggressive, active and dominant, woman is set to be sweet, emotional and submissive. Submissive, that is meant to be obey what the man has to say, in the past, woman don't have the right to spoke out their opinion, and all they're allowed to is to obey. Nowadays, most of the family still consider the man as the head of family, although it's different and way better then the past, but the situation is still out there, that woman should just do all the housework and let the...
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