Sexism in the Middle East

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  • Published : January 12, 2014
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Sexism in Middle Eastern Schools Spreads Like Wild Fire

Have you ever been unfairly mistreated because of your gender? Well, in Saudi Arabia, this problem is extremely common. Recently in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, there was an extreme wild fire, that made the teachers and students rethink the way girls and boys are treated in the public school system. In girl public schools, there are bars on the windows, not enough room to play or exercise outside, and they are kept locked in their classrooms until it is time for their next class. On the other hand, for boys, it is a different story. They have many fields, and area to play sports like basketball and football. The boys usually have most of their classes outdoors, and are free to roam the grounds. The fire that occurred was in the Baraim Al-Watan Girls' School. Many teachers died during this catastrophe. To make matters worse, the reason they died is because of the way the school was built and functioned. Because of the small spaces throughout the building, and bars on the windows it would be extremely hard to exit a burning building. Three girls even had to jump out of the three story window to try to escape the burning flames. I believe the way each school is designed is very different and in my opinion wrong. I believe if the girls’ school was better built, like the guys’ school; it would've been easier to escape. In conclusion, I end with a quote: "Although the education ministry has spent considerable money on infrastructure improvements, many girls’ schools still lack the larger modern campuses and more comfortable environment boys enjoy".