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  • Published : April 12, 2012
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Annotated Bibliography
Thesis Statement: Sexism is a large problem to both genders in many aspects of society today. Sexism effects education, sports, and employment. Many of the reasons associated with justifying sexism are not valid. “Sexism In Education”<,dhr/sr[->0]> . October 2001. Web. February 10, 2012. The department of education in the federal and state government passed the Title IX law stating that it forbids any type of discrimination. State laws require the public schools to take gender fair approaches to the entire educational program. Leadership opportunities can be unevenly divided in the school systems depending on the student’s gender. Look at the local school district and decide where the gender bias is, there is action that can be placed to fix sexism in the area, such as visiting local school boards and discussing the problems and questioning administrators and school board members about the situation. “Sexism In Higher Education” 2000-2012. Web. 16 February 2012. < . In recent year’s woman have been able to achieve higher levels of education. The woman’s movement was highly responsible for making sex discrimination illegal in education. Title IX requires all genders to be equal in education, and other gender segregated situations such as sports and in the workplace. Woman today are more likely to have college educations, yet men are more likely than a woman to have a higher level degree. After college it is proven women are less likely to receive jobs than a man would. Pratt, Minnie. “Sexism & Sports: The playing field of profit.” Workers World. Web. Feb 10 2012.<[->1]>. Title IX restricts gender discrimination in education, but sexism is a serious factor in sports. Many women in Division 1 sport teams have been effected by sexism. Katie Hinda, played football for UC, she was being verbally and physically abused by her teammate on and off the field because she was the only woman...
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