Sex Without Love

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  • Published : November 19, 2006
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Sex Without Love
William Stokely-Brown
Proffesor Schwertman
Eng. 102

The poem ''Sex Without Love'' by Sharon Olds is talk of those who take advantage of sexual intercourse. This poem is about people who just have sex to have a temporary moment of joy because there is no love in the sex they are having. When there is sex between a couple because they are in love we call it making love. Making love is complete and give the full experience of sexual intercourse. The first line of this poem says ''how do they do it, the ones who make love without love?'' To make love without love is impossible. What they are doing is taking it and turning it into a just a normal thing which is taken away from it sacredness.

In this poem the writer uses similes to try to give examples of sex without love. When she says ''gliding over each other like ice skaters over ice'' I see that the ice is cold. Being cold sometimes relates to having no feeling or being in a sense of numbness. When ice skaters skate over ice they don't really care about the ice, its just there to serve it purpose so they can get there skate in and be able to do there moves. All the ice is doing is making it so the skater is able to skate not actually helpin the skater skate or cotrubuting to making the skater better. Sex without love can compare to this because each partner is just skating on there own. They are gliding over each other creating there own pleasure instead of being one and creating each others pleasures.

The writer tries to express feelings in this poem in lines such as lines 7 and 8 by putting spaces in between her sentences. She writes '' how do they come to the come to the come to the come to the God come to the still waters, and not love.'' I say she is showing emotion because she is skipping between her sentences. The writer was feeling a deeply confused on how people could just have sex without love so easliy. Usually when people are talkin and studder in...
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