Sex via the Internet: Addiction or Hobby?

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  • Published : March 30, 2011
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Sex via the Internet: Addiction or Hobby?

The internet today offers a very large arrangement of options for its users. One of which is becoming increasingly popular. The internet is a source of sexual opportunity to many people. Online pornography and cyber-sexual community chat rooms are two of many. There are outrageous numbers of users using the internet to partake in sexual activity. There are arguments that online sex is an upcoming addiction just as hazardous as any substance addiction. But sex over the internet isn’t what users are getting out of the situation. It’s the effects and advantages of having sex via internet that keeps people doing it. It may not even be an addiction related to sex only but something else also. These users may be addicted to what they get out of online sexual participation instead of the actual sexual actions themselves.

Cyber-sexual chat rooms can offer much more than an orgasm. They can also suggest a sense of acceptance, confidence, anonymity, comfort, attention, and pleasure that some people can’t seem to find themselves acquiring in the real world, offline. All of these things that the online chat rooms can offer are more psychological than anything. And each of them can become obsessive things that people seek out when they feel the lack there of. This even happens in real life, during real intercourse between people. I am witness to it. A person can constantly desire to have sex with a person or persons solely on the fact that their partner is giving them passionate attention, even if they know it’s not true on an emotional level. The same goes for online users, who seek out the same attention, except virtually. It’s not the idea of coming into sexual contact Welch 2

with people over the internet that is so appealing to people, instead it’s what the sexual relationship ultimately offers to the person’s mind. It’s needless to explain to positive and attractive effects comfort, attention, and acceptance can do for...
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