Sex Trafficking in the United States

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Julie Phan

April Young

Claim of Policy

15 November 2012

Sex Trafficking

A young girl from Tijuana was only 13 years when she was sold to a man from the United States. already having a child, she was sold under the agreement that he would help her support her child whom was diagnosed with leukemia. Little did she know, the cruel man took her baby away and used it against her. She was not aware that her baby was not getting the care that was promised, unfortunately, the child later died due to the lack of nutrition and medical care that he needed. Not only was she not able to see her child before of after he died, she is and will be imprisoned as a sex slave for as long as she lives.(“homebrewedchristianity”)

Sex trafficking is an inhumane business with no benefits other than hurting and even killing victims. It is a modern day form of slavery in which commercial sex is induced by force, fraud, physical violence. Traffickers often transport victims from their homes to unfamiliar destinations leaving the victims vulnerable and alone. Victims are forced to go through physical violence and are mentally abused with the use of psychological threats to engage in commercial sex act. If we want to end sex trafficking, we must start with ourselves. I truly believe that we must put an end to this cruel and disgusting industry. To ultimately put and end to sex trafficking, we must address the issue and educate the dangers of sex trafficking, properly train law enforcement and to create crisis centers for trafficked victims to potentially exploit these traffickers of their cruel act. Although it is a global and complex problem, I believe that by acquiring knowledge of this situation will help bring an end to this inhumane travesty.

Like trafficking drugs and firearms, it is a very large and a highly driven criminal industry going on in the world today. Although there are different types of trafficking, they all share one common objective which is supply and demand. Human trafficking is fueled by fraudulent of empty promises that only leads to cheap labor and commercial sex. In a sex trafficking fact sheet, it states that there is an estimate of 1.2 million children are trafficked each year (UN.GIFT). This is a very scary estimate for it being just children, but what is more sad than that estimate is that in 2006, there were only 5,808 prosecutions and as little as 3,160 convictions throughout the world. With that being said, for every 800 people trafficked, only one person is convicted (Trafficking in Persons Report). By obtaining knowledge and sharing viable information about the dangers of sex trafficking will help bring awareness to our society and will help cease this awful industry.

In most situations with law enforcement officers are not properly trained to deal with sex traffickers or victims. In order for us to control and potentially put an end to sex trafficking law enforcement personnel must be able to see the signs of trafficking and be trained to take on trafficking situations that may occur. In a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation case study, worked with the Vanderbilt Center for Community Studies conducted a large study with law enforcement agencies, social service agencies, state and federal prosecutors. The study shows that 79% of the people surveyed say that they are not adequately trained to handle sex trafficking cases. (“TBI Releases First Ever Study”). There is a need for training people who are in law enforcement, people who work in courts, and who work as social workers. When they are put in a position with trafficked victim, with proper training, workers are able to handle various types of sex trafficking situations and essentially seek out help for those victims.

There is a physical and psychological cost that these trafficked victims must pay. Women who have been physically and psychologically abused will experience a feeling of shame and depression that will lead to post-traumatic...
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