Sex Trafficking

Topics: Human trafficking, Prostitution, Sex industry Pages: 4 (1244 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Comparative Review
March 11, 2013

Thesis: Legalizing Prostitution will stop the spread of illicit Sex Trafficking.

It seems like a normal day in her little village, until two shady men come and take her and all the young girls around the same age as her from their families. She is terrified and is scared of what may come next. The man repeatedly compliments her on her beauty and touches her silk soft skin. Crying only makes things worse and makes the man very angry. He hits them and calls them bad names as a punishment. Its been days since they took us, and has only given us little amounts of water to stay some what hydrated; and no food. This feeling is so surreal and this stuff actually does happen, beyond what people may think they know women and kids are being taken. In the article Enslaved in America by Tina Frundt it explains how typically Americans look the other way when they see prostitution but, neglect that these girls 50 percent of the time are forced into the Sex Trafficking lifestyle. On the other hand Brenda Zurita’s article Legalization or harm reduction of prostitution and sexual trafficking writes about the government and the Sex trafficking laws says a different story. Sex Trafficking is illegal in the United States but why is there girls forced out of their homes and into this modern day slavery still occurring. In Bruce Kennedy’s Would legalizing prostitution help the US economy, it explains in simple terms how much one difference will create safer jobs and bring it much needed money to our economy. Which brings me to my next point; Prostitution should be legalized for those who want to retire in this way of life. It will have a positive effect on the economy bringing in billions in taxable income.

In the increasing epidemic with Sex Trafficking; Tina Frundt, explains why this is truly a big issue worldwide. With this crime being unrecognized to a certain degree as it should in the shadows its really happening. The purpose of this...
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