Sex Studies

Topics: Woman, Gender, William Faulkner Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Since ancient times, women have been viewed as the “weaker” of the two genders. Therefore, women have always been standing on the same spot and never advancing further to free themselves from the shackles that hold them and restrict them from doing what they are capable of doing although they are not men. In “A Rose For Emily” by William Faulkner, Emily Grierson, the daughter of a proud Civil War veteran has always been controlled by her overbearing father. After the death of her father, a foreman named Homer Barron comes into her life. Emily falls hopelessly in love with this person, to the extent of buying silver toiletries for him. However, when he left Emily, she felt upset and from then on, bad things happened. Women are always seen as the weaker sex since they are considered subservient to men and are not able to free themselves from the overbearing dominance of men.

Women are seen as weaker than men because they are not able to play important roles like men do. The skills that women have compared to men are relatively less important to the progress of society and the nation. Most powerful positions in society are also held by men and not women. Colonel Sartoris, a former mayor of the town, has used his power and position to remit Miss Emily’s taxes. He also formed an edict that said “no Negro woman should appear on the streets without an apron”. This implies that Colonel Sartoris wants to restrict women to household chores only. Also, Emily is depicted as a woman who gives china-painting lessons to the townsfolk. This is perhaps the only source of income she has after her father’s death, as he did not leave anything except the house where she lives in. When Homer Barron was “…drinking with younger men…” Emily was also helpless and could not stop him from doing so. Thus, Emily has always been less important and less influential than the men that came into her life. Male domination of women has also led them to be perceived as much weaker than their...
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