Sex Slaves

Topics: Human trafficking, Slavery, Sexual slavery Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Katherine Von Lehmden Sociology 111-14 Journal Entry: Sex Slaves Imagine being taken completely advantage of where anything you say doesn’t matter and every action you make may have consequences to the treatment you receive. This was the life for many girls in Eastern Europe. Sex Slaves, a 2005 documentary by Ric Esther Bienstock in association with CBC, Channel 4, and Canal D, follows the abuse, neglect, and horrifying treatment that girls go through while being victims of human trafficking. Bienstock and her crew start out by traveling to countries such as Ukraine and Moldova. There they see first-hand what it’s like for the lives of those being sold into global sex trade. These women have been torn from their lives, taken from their families, and sold into slavery. For those who are wondering which girls get picked and which don’t? Well, it’s practically based on what the women have to offer. The girls from these countries are highly wanted into the business as they have the looks that people will want for high amounts of money and are the easiest to access. Both of which are perfect for the sellers as they have a less chance of getting caught kidnapping and making illegal trades. As much as the girls want to get out of slavery and leave, there is almost no way out. While with the “pimps,” the treatment they receive is unbearable as they are forced to have sex. If they refuse to take part they get abused, tortured, and sometimes even killed, often right in front of the other girls so they learn to obey orders. This sort of thing happens all over to hundreds of thousands of women as people are just trying to make a profit in a multi-billion dollar international business. Frontline is in partnership with the investigation as they took hidden cameras behind the scenes and got a look at what’s going on. They followed the story of...
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